The Fountain

The Fountain


Bonnefont Abbey

The everflowing fountain of the Bonnefont Abbey.
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Founded in 1136 on lands donated by Flandrine de Montpezat and her sons, the Cistercian Abbey of Bonnefont played a role in Comminges from religious, artistic, agricultural, economic, and even political perspectives. The abbey prospered by establishing new abbeys such as the Abbey of Villelongue, Abbey of Boulbonne, Abbey of Pérignac, Abbey of Nizors, and two abbeys in Spain, Fontclar and Labaix. Additionally, it constructed bastides (fortified towns) such as Boussens, Carbonne, Plaisance du Touch, Lestelle de Saint-Martory, and barns. Four counts of Comminges were buried at Bonnefont: Bernard II († before 1153), Bernard V (†1241), Bernard VI († between 1295 and 1300), and Bernard VII (†1312). The recumbent effigy of a count from Bonnefont, currently preserved at the Musée des Augustins in Toulouse, may be that of Bernard VI or Bernard VII.

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