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What are GeoTaps? is an accessible, fast and low-cost platform to collect (and create!) digital collectibles connected to physical location through NFCs.

The digital collectibles are on the Hedera public network, a 3rd generation carbon neutral blockchain, and will give the collector an immutable digital representation of the collectible.

Through using DNA NFC tags, GeoTap will ensure that the tag that triggers the release of the collectible cannot be copied - each tap is uniquely verified, ensuring the only way to get the collectible is to physically go to the GeoTap spot.

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    Find a GeoTap spot by looking on the map or through hints from the GeoTap Creator.

  • 2

    Go to the location and tap the NFC

  • 3

    Your collectible will be sent to your account! Immutably and decentralized through the Hedera public network.

For who is GeoTap?

An innovative platform: go out, explore and become engaged through your collectibles.

GeoTap Creators

GeoTap Treasure Hunters

Drive explorers to your physical locations
Explore a new way of hunting treasures
Set out a treasure hunt for tourists, and have them engaged with local landmarks, even when they get back home
Find digital collectibles and show them off to your friends!
Get people engaged with local biodiversity projects, and update them throughout development
Stay in touch with the GeoTap Spots that matter to you. Click the collectible, and find the latest news.
Limit collectible releases in time or supply, to drive traffic or create hype on your physical GeoTap Spot
Find the treasures that are hidden,